Zoltán Honti



Zoltán is an LA based, hungarian born cinematographer. He started working on film sets early on, working in all camera related department roles. After starting the Hungarian Film Academy, he went on to study and graduate at the American Film Institute. Right out of AFI, he interned with the late Vilmos Zsigmond, ASC an Academy Award winning cinematographer, who through the years became his mentor and close friend. Zoltán operated or co-shot most of Vilmos’ films in the past decade. Honti’s credits include the Eli Roth produced “Last Exorcism” and “13 Sins”, both helmed by Daniel Stamm. His awards include Hollywood reporter’s cinematographers to watch list, Telly Awards, the Golden Reel award shared with the late László Kovács, ASC.



„spasmodic handheld […] deployed here with enermous restraint and skill by d.p. Zoltan Honti „

 John Anderson, Variety

„much of the heavy lifting done by Zoltan Honti’s jittery camera”

Michael Rechtshaffen, The Hollywood Reporter